5 Reasons To Invest In Real Estate During This Corona Crisis According to Yannick Callens

Yannick Callens Gerard Pierre

What has a pandemic stricken world needs for now? You, too, must be tired of reading the daily scoreboard and the constant fear-mongering. Why not take a break for the monotony of the coronavirus and have a 5-minute read that can be a fresher? This time I deliberately interviewed a superstar from the Belgian Real Estate Industry. What is the urgency of transcribing the interview and publishing it here, at the time when a world is going bonkers over a virus? You will know it soon, stay with me. It was a great compromise on our social distancing. Still, the mundane routine, I believe, is a more potent poison for people who have a habit of dazzling the world with their excellency, the reason this hyper-functional over achiever realtor could not refuse my call for the interview. I deem myself lucky to have conversed with the behemoth of real estate business in Belgium, Mr. Yannick Callens, who is the owner of the investment company; Brussels Property Invest & Immo CrowdFunding.

Yannick Callens Gerard Pierre

It is easy to write a biography, but one does fall short of words when there is sheer excellence. Yannick at first appeared reticent in his behavior, quite averse of sharing his achievements. Still, after an hour-long interview, I was able to sieve a minuscule amount of personal data. He happens to be in his late thirties, though the enormity of his achievements does not reconcile at a relatively young age. He started his career at the age of 22, starting from nothing to owning a whole agency, the journey had been an arduous one, but with unabated determination, Yannick made it through. He happens to have the exact shrewdness, the insight, and foresight required for sailing in Real Estate business. I would call him a person brimming with Real Estate wisdom. He has been focused and completely devoted to Real Estate business since 2005; a case in point is that many people take this as a side business, considering it an after-retirement venture. But here, a young and brilliant brain was harnessed to study and understand the peculiarities of the Real estate business. Meeting Yannick changed my view. It is not just a business; an act of buying reforming selling; it is a whole field of study. Apart from his own companies, he has also given share to other renowned companies such as BNP Paribas Real Estate and CBRE first. The best is yet to come; it is his belief, and one can sail through the dire straights of this meteoric yet rewarding industry only by having a constant reservoir of positivity, that comes from within.

Yannick Callens Gerard Pierre

Are crises Opportunities? Investing in Real Estate during the pandemic.

Now moving to what you all have been waiting for, the world is hasting its efforts to combat the worst pandemic of the century, and I am here adamant that you read a biography. I promised you it would make sense, and here we go now. AS I mentioned, Yannick wasn’t speaking much about himself, but he was adamant in clearing one thing; Crisis are opportunities. His advice can be an asset for people who are looking to invest their money at this time. My esteemed subject spoke his mind, and after losing the initial war of wits with him, I submitted that this is the time to be more practical, to think more rationally, and to act.

Yannick Callens Gerard Pierre

"Everything is temporary! Real Estate is not." I cannot but extoll the sense behind this statement. The pandemic has changed our lifestyle. There is a substantial change in our social habits; Yannick believes that normalcy will be restored in some time, but that normal will be different from our erstwhile normal. We will live in the post-COVID-19 world order, and we cannot be sure about the economic situation of that order. As we have been listening to the warnings from the IFI’s that this pandemic is a portent of a recession, we should save ourselves with something concrete, something that will have value under any circumstances. People who have money now should find this time as a boon and spend on Real Estate. Cushioning oneself with Euros and paper money can have dire consequences.

Yannick Callens Gerard Pierre

The Time Is Now! Yannick said that people lament the shortage of time for not completely delving into something, but this complains it can no longer hold water as there is immense time to search for places, consult real estate agents and act. The Real Estate industry exists in the virtual world now; why not use our lockdown time wisely? This idea is not only for Belgium for any place in the world, an idea with worldwide viability. He came up with 5 tips in honestly maneuver my way of thinking in the time of crisis, As an ending note I’ll let you all have a gulp of it; 1) A statement of wit; buy when no one wants to buy, sell when everyone wants to buy. A way to earn fortunes.

2) Due to the pandemic and rate are still low and will remain low until the world lips under this panic stage

3) Even in apocalyptic science fiction movies, everyone needs a roof, safe a shelter for yourself.

4) Inflation will come back after the crisis; the government will put too much cash in the economy to save the economy, and the process will soar.

5) Money can never be a legacy. It is the Real Estate you can give to your children, undo the shackles of paper money and invest in something that is real. Stay safe, Act rationally!

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