5 Tips on How to Cope Up with Stress and Anxiety According to Christian de Wulf.

Social Isolation, Stress, and Anxiety.

With the emergence of the Novel Coronavirus, each and every person in the world has been affected one way or the other. It took only a couple of months for this virus to spread around the globe. The more this Coronavirus appeared outside in the world, the more we stuck inside our homes.

The main focus of scientists was to discover some sort of medication or, and you can say, a particular vaccine to prevent the spread of this pandemic. There was another purpose of discovering this vaccine, i.e., of treating those who have become the prey of this dangerous germ. We're hopeful that scientists will soon find it. Coronavirus vaccines have everything to do with our physical health. During this pandemic, we didn't try to cope with or treat other complications that were the by-product of this virus. Yes, this was psychological problems that many people have been facing due to making their minds and bodies stuck in one place. This sort of isolation led a large number of healthy people to a lot more psychological problems, including stress, anxiety, depression, and a sense of failure or a lack of personality development. Students have been worried about their studies, business owners about their business; couples about their marriage; and poor people about their food. All these situations have a direct impact on the mental conditions of the people, and this leads to all above mentioned psychological problems one way or the other.

For the sake of getting a right and effective way to get rid of stress and anxiety, whether it is during Coronavirus or any other pandemic like Coronavirus, we approached "Christian de Wulf." Christian is a professional and proficient psychotherapist In Belgium. He has been working as a psychotherapist for around 20 years. Not only this, but Christian is also an artist, and he perfectly manages both of his passions. We approached Christian in his office, and he gave us a warm welcome. As coffee was put on our table, we started our conversation with him because our primary purpose was to interview Christian about "How to cope with stress and anxiety" while being in Social Isolation-Fear & Anxiety, which was relevant to the current situation of Novel Coronavirus in the world. We are pleased to have a five-step answer to the question. Let's read what tips Christian gave us. He started his conversation and put his first way of coping with stress and anxiety during isolation. He said:

"Live like "wind," it moves continuously."

1. Breath

Inhale present; exhale past. By this, I mean your present is the reality, and the past is like a dream; so present is an instrument through which we rectify our past and secure our future. Take a deep breath until it soothes your fear burns. Means When we take the anxiety, we hurt ourselves, and deep breathing comforts us. We can live our lives when we own our breath and disown anxiety."

He also said, "Live like "wind," it moves continuously."

As his second tip, he said:

2.Know that shit never lasts forever.

Each and every hard situation in our lives, whether it's a personal problem or a worldly pandemic, time lets it become his girlfriend and grabs her hand and lets her accompany him. History shows us that many regions of the world have been victims of certain plagues but that last for days, weeks, and months. Not forever! So, always hope for the best and prepare for a better future!"

This second tip was so appealing. He further explained his answer and said:

3."Surround yourself with people you love.

It is a gift by Novel Coronavirus that we got a chance to spend time with our beloved ones. We see the negative side of the pandemic, but I would like to say something important very honestly. It is true that we can get frustrated while facing isolation, but we can make our relationships better with our beloved ones. Today's hectic life schedule has kept us away from sharing our love, emotions, feelings, and thoughts to our beloved ones, but this pandemic has brought us close to each other. So, the more you spend time and share your love with your loved ones, the more you likely to cope with your stress and anxiety."

Above was another plus point that Christian added in his answer.

He then said:

4."Talk about it with the people you care/ love.

Venting it out could also reduce the weight that you carry. By saying this, I mean, suppose that you're diagnosed to have Coronavirus in you, the very first thing would be that you would get so worried about yourself. You'll see death in front of you. But, if you share your feelings with others and seek help from them, they would prove to be a helping hand in handling this situation of yours. You can share your burden with the people who care/love you, and people whom you love/care. This way, a high percentage of stress and anxiety will be reduced."

Lastly, Christian delivered a very interesting but appealing point to conclude his answer.

He said:

5."Avoid watching or reading the news.

The news about Coronavirus and its ruining impacts all over the world have been mentioned in the news, and you're reading and hearing the news about this virus from the day it started spreading in the world. Now, the only thing you need to do is think, read, listen, and write about the things and the ways that can save you and your beloved ones from this deadly pandemic. Reading and hearing the news about Corona cases, deaths, and other relevant negative consequences will do nothing but increase the levels of stress and anxiety in you."

We were glad to listen to Christian de Wulf because he shed light on the ways how we can cope with stress and anxiety in every situation like this Novel Coronavirus.

Learn more about Christian de Wulf

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