Jeremie Vanopdenbosch, A Serial Entrepreneur Shares His Secret To Success.

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TODAY, we are joined by 37 year old wunderkind entrepreneur and one of the most prominent business influencers of his generation, Jeremie Vanopdenbosch. Jeremie, who started as a consultant for a large (management consulting) company, has since branched to the Financial, Telecom, Utilities, and Advertising industries. Interestingly enough, Jeremie Vanopdenbosch is also the "go-to guy" for Hollywood celebrities to take care of them and all of their business needs whenever they are visiting Belgium or in France.

Jeremie is a widely successful entrepreneur, and he believes to have been an entrepreneur ever since he was born into this world. That mindset itself speaks about his passion, dedication, perseverance, and of course, undoubted hard work that he has put in the past several years to reach where he is today as such a massive success in the world of entrepreneurship and business.

A modern-day Renaissance man, Jeremie has started his own consulting company with clients boasting the largest businesses across Europe and becoming one of the youngest consultant, advising the executive committees of large CAC 40 companies. Winning entrepreneurial competitions and challenges, he is also the co-founder of the VVPRIME brand. Aside from his entrepreneurial successes, Jeremie has been involved in sports and is a champion of the Belgian Lifesaving.

Entrepreneurship is a path that a lot of people are afraid to take. There will always be ups and downs, bumps and bruises, refusals, and misfortunes. It is essential that during those critical times that you draw strength and stay focused on what matters; the fire that drives you. Jeremie exemplifies this.

Jeremie Vanopdenbosch leads a life that shows the true essence of three main aspects of working as an entrepreneur; "consulting, high value business relationship creation, and mentoring entrepreneur towards growth and success." To keep his network strong and ever-growing, Jeremie travels a lot all around the world, and while traveling, he learns a lot through his activities and relationships of his travel, which further allows him to share his knowledge with a larger audience and in a more effective way.

Having a far-reaching and international network is one of his greatest assets and which gave him the privilege of meeting even more people. This includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Paul McCartney, Giorgio Armani, and many more. As a result, he's a "connector" of sorts for celebrities, influencers, business developer and go-getters in Brussels.

His work ethic is based around honest hard work and never giving up. Although we see a Jeremie that is so successful and has always been at the top, however, he too has had to face his fair share of struggles to reach where he stands today. It was a long process of a series of events that were, in a way, orchestrated to get him here at this point but these events include struggles and difficulties that he faced head-on, without losing spirit, and proved to the world that hard work, passion, perseverance, and a little faith in yourself, can take you a long way. So, now here he is as the proud and successful serial, award-winning entrepreneur, ready to inspire.

Here, Gerard Pierre exclusively interviews Mr. Jeremie Vanopdenbosch to get some insight from the expert himself!

How old are you now?

37 years old

How many years have you been an entrepreneur?

37 years ;-)

Which industries have you invested in the business?

I mainly invested in the industries of consulting, Finance & Banking, Telecom, Utilities, and Advertising.

Favorite Quotation if you have.

"Life will put stones on your way you decide whether you make a wall or a bridge."

In the beginning, what motivated you to become an entrepreneur?

Three things motivated me: more freedom, more independence, and more creativity. It is very important for me to have this freedom to work for myself, to take full control of my life, to make my own choices, to build something useful for others that belongs to me, to get up every morning with the passion to move this thing forward and then look at this thing that I have created and be able to say at the end: "Waouh I did it!

Tell us about your first entrepreneurial experience.

It was when I was 12 years old. I was at a sports camp, and with my team, we got lost during a treasure hunt in the woods in the middle of the night. It was total panic! Everyone was looking for us, and everyone was worried that we had not returned to the camp. This was my first confrontation with a situation called the "Chaos." The chaos is the feeling of total confusion where you can totally lose ground if you manage it poorly. In this situation, I was the oldest, and as a consequence, responsible for a group of 5 younger people. To be confronted with such a situation, to manage people in panic while thinking at the same time about a quick solution is not easy. Subsequently, this experience has served me in crucial periods of my projects where you have to face at the same time a lot of information in a stressful situation with very short deadlines to make crucial decisions related to billions of Euros. Fortunately, chaos situations do not happen often, but when they arrive, you need to be prepared. And being an entrepreneur means knowing how to find solutions to problems constantly. And when you find answers, you turn this problem into an opportunity, then into a thriving business. And the greatest successes are built in times of crisis where problems are everywhere!

How have your entrepreneurial motivations changed since you first started?

In fact, without realizing it, my entrepreneurial career followed the pattern of 4 quadrants of Robert T. Kiyosaki. At first, at 23, I was employed for a BIG Five company. I was making money for a job. I had security but not freedom, depending on an employer and a boss.

For a second time, at 27, I became the owner of my own company. I earned more money for my own account in place of enriching a boss but despite that, I was not satisfied yet because I was trading my time for money. In a third time, at 30, I started to invest in other companies and create levers to make my money grow while helping several startups building through this money. And finally, I realized that the most important thing was not money, but time! Our time is our most precious commodity, so I've turned my business into passive or semi-passive activities. That makes it possible to earn money regardless of my time and use that time at a better profit to help and bring value to several thousands of people, which makes my life much more meaningful! I have thus gone from an approach of succeeding in my life (to earn a lot of money, to have high positions, significant responsibilities) to succeeding my life (to help a maximum of persons by making the most of my talents and expertise). And believe me, fulfilling your life is far more rewarding than succeeding in your life!

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

Paradoxically, my greatest achievement is not on business but in the sport. It was my title as the Belgian Champion of Lifesaving. Because I had to build to get it, it took me over eight years. Basically, I was not talented in swimming, but the passion was there, so I started to train and gradually have my first results. After several years of training, when I was ready to touch with my fingertips this goal that I dreamed so much, everything changed in one second, severe injury to the knee, hospitalization, surgery, immobilized for several months.

Everything was there to discourage me, and everything had to be redone. It's as if I have to start all over again, so instead of letting myself down, I decided to start again by training myself even harder. Two years after my injury, with a lot of determination and perseverance, I became champion of Belgium. That day, I knew a moment that the greatest champions call the "Zone". It happens to very few people on this planet. The Zone is that moment of total serenity where you know deep inside you that you are going to accomplish something big and that everything is optimally aligned, mentally, and physically, on the D-DAY. And when you get there, you experience a moment of euphoria and total fulfillment to have accomplished something extraordinary. At that moment, you feel like you're locked in a bubble outside of time.

How important is developing excellent Networking Skills could help you in your career?

For me, networking is 50% of success. People with skills and knowledge, there are millions in this world; but those who take the time to create themselves in addition to a network are the only ones who will rise to the ultimate success. When I realized this, despite being a shy and introverted boy, I decided, in parallel with my studies, to build a network, thus facing the fears of the unknown, the rejection, the judgment. But, once you dare to approach people, you are sometimes only a handshake away to be able to change your life!

And today, I was so far in this process that I rub shoulders or collaborate with the most inaccessible or influential people on this planet. By integrating this business skill into all my activities, So far, more than millions of values and synergies ​​have been generated by all of my companies and all the companies that I accompany with at the end very beautiful success stories.

What's your most memorable experience as an entrepreneur?

My most memorable and probably the most intense experience was participating in a business contest called "Boost Your Business". More than 1000 entrepreneurs from all over Belgium participated in this contest. The goal was showing your product or service to people and receive a maximum of votes in case they liked it. To win this contest, I set myself the goal of meeting face to face 450 persons a night for five weeks.I was alone in front of the much bigger startup with more means to fight like David against Goliath. So my strategy is: to do more than others. If a participant were active until 2:00 am, I would still be active at 2:01 am, and that's it. This strategy of giving and making the millimeter more paid and in the end, I harvested almost 10,000 votes becoming Laureate of the contest, winning a check of 10.000€ and making headlines with the Prime Minister with all the benefits that this may have had on the growth of my startup!

What does a day in your life of Jeremie consist of?

Each day is a subtle blend of many things, always with one common denominator: taking action. These four things that help me perform are the development of my business, my networks, my fitness, and my skills. Every day, I realize actions that bring me closer to my longer-term business goals. Every day, I make new enriching meetings to enlarge my address book. Every day I practice sports to train my mindset and have good energy. Every day I read books to learn new things, inspire me and give me creativity, And during the weekend, I enjoy and relax with my close circle.

Name three essential things you bring with you on your travels.

My Go Pro to capture my experiences

A notebook to record my experiences

My suitcase to come back with my experiences

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